Kidz Life Jr.

KidLife Jr.
Ages 3 year old - Kindergarten


Wednesdays and Sundays are “fun days” in the Preschool department. A broad curriculum, including “Elevate, Jr.”, is used for children ages 3 through 5 and will teach preschoolers about the great stories in the Bible as well as introduce them to basic tenets and principles of Christianity.  While learning that Jesus Christ is God’s son and our Savior, our kids learn about faith, love, family, sharing, forgiveness and grace. Plus, during most services they use their hands to create and design a masterpiece worthy of being placed on front of the refrigerator.


As they enter the classroom, youngsters will learn to play safely and share with others and then have a snack. Next they will move to their theater area where teachers will present Bible stories and teach Godly principles using video and music. Throughout teaching time, teachers engage all of the children while reinforcing the main points of the lesson through question and answer sessions.  Amazingly, all the children seem to have paid full attention as they strive to be called-on to accurately answer the questions. There will always be time for hands-on learning and something to take home for Mom or Dad that reinforces the lesson and often shows the child’s creativity. Wednesday nights often re-visit the previous weekend's lesson as kids eagerly remember and discuss the principles they learned during the weekend service, further reinforcing age-appropriate Biblical principles.


Did we say fun?  KidzLife is so much fun that the kids don’t realize that they are learning…they think they are just having fun. 


The Preschool classroom is located at the East end of the gym and meets at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays and 6:45 p.m. on Wednesdays. Parents who are apprehensive about leaving their children are invited to stay and participate in their children’s experiences and slip away when their children become acclimated to the class.