Adult Growth Classes

Choir Class

Andrew Ishee

Main Auditorium 

Choir will rehearse upcoming worship music while also growing in

Christ through a devotion each week.  


What time is it?

(by Chris Hodges)

Dr. Rusty Stevens

Fellowship Atrium

  Buddy’s Bible Study

Buddy Myers

Studying the Book of Galations

(Room 207 upstairs in Family Activities Building)

David, A Man After God's Own Heart

Dr. John Lyon

(Climbers Room adjacent to Fellowship Atrium)

The Bible calls David "A Man after God's Own Heart." But what does that really mean and how does that apply to us today? During this study, we will look into the heart of what David's experiences have to teach us and spiritual truths that are applicable to our present-day lives as believers.



Avoiding Regrets in Your Life

Milton Stennett

(Room 204 upstairs in Family Activities Building)

The truth is we don't often notice them, but by the time we do its likely they have already saved our life. Now imagine if you could put up guard rails in every area of your life? Your family? Your marriage? Your finances? Even your faith? In this study you will learn how to protect what God has so graciously given to us.