Kidz Life (1st-6th)


1st grade through 6th grade

Kidz Life Arcade :  Elementary aged children are checked in and out each service through the Kids Arcade, a brightly-colored and spacious room equipped with video games, table hockey and Foosball.  Other activities include board and card games, building blocks, coloring sheets and other manipulative items to occupy busy hands and minds. At the Arcade, attendance is recorded and kids all receive name tags so that there are no strangers in Kidz Life.

Kidz Life Worship Center:  After ten minutes in the Arcade, the children are led by their teachers to the Kidz Life Worship Center where an exciting, age-appropriate, bible-based lesson is presented in a multi-media format.  Each exciting lesson combines contemporary, upbeat music on DVD with singing led by the KidzLife praise team who facilitate worship through words and choreography.

Kids are then divided into teams as the lesson starts.  Lessons are lively, fun and loud as balls may be thrown by the teacher when awarding points for correct answers by a team.  All kids stay on their toes and pay attention when questions are asked or games are played that reinforce the lesson.  Individual participation is encouraged as each child wants to earn a point for the team.  The unpredictable format may have several sessions that alternate between singing, teaching, games, questions and reinforcement of the main points.

At lesson’s end the team with the most balls (points) is recognized as the winner but all kids leave with an edible prize.  Also, some child may get a prize for his or her outstanding participation.  After the action-packed hour, the students go back to the Arcade to play games while waiting for Mom and Dad to check them out after service.  

Kidz Life (WOW) Worship-on-Wednesdays:  Wednesday nights at Kidz Life are loud and exciting.  After leaving the Arcade and entering the Worship Center, Kids let off some steam by singing and swinging along with contemporary praise music. The Kidz Life Praise Team always leads the way and provides the choreography. Kids then re-visit the theme, main points and key scripture from last Sunday’s lesson. They often are entertained by the talented and wacky Kidz Life teaching team as the lesson and the scripture verse is reinforced through hilarious skits where right versus wrong and good versus bad is presented in a funny but practical way.  After forty-five minutes, boys break into several small teams with male teachers while girls go with their female leaders.  These small groups allow kids talk about the lesson and recite the scripture verse to earn Bible Knowledge pins to be attached to their Bible Scholar lanyards.  The team with the most kids reciting their scripture, plus other participation, earns and keeps the spirit banner for a week. Then it’s back to the arcade for more fun and games while waiting for Mom or Dad.