LIttle Life - Crawlers 12-24 months


        Crawlers have their own space during each worship service in KidzLife.  They have plenty of room to sit and color a picture for Mom or march around the room singing “God Made Me”.  There is always a snack of corn puffs or cheese puffs and juice.  Each service they learn that God gave us His Word, contained in the Bible.  Each child holds a Bible as they sing, “I Love to Pat the Bible”…for it is God’s Word.  Each class offers kids a chance to chase and catch bubbles, read books and watch Noah’s Ark or some other Bible story.  And don’t leave out good, ole Barney.  He seems to help calm children who are having “Mommy-separation” issues.

        Mom, if your little one can’t seem to get his mind off of you, you can stay and participate …and slip out at an opportune time.  If your child still can’t get his or her mind off of you, we’ll come get you or page you.  Please know that your child’s welfare is always our top priority.  Our workers are great at focusing your child’s attention on something else while you slip out to the auditorium.

        Therefore, we ask that you leave your toddlers with us instead of taking them to the auditorium.  Because of their “cute factor”, often their mere presence in the sanctuary attracts the attention of adults who need to focus on the ministry of the Word.  Plus it has been medically proven that Pastor David cannot begin to compete with the beautiful voice of a small child in a room of adults.  So…please help us minister to your toddlers by leaving them with us during services.  It’s our ministry and our gift to you and all those who attend our worship services.  Our teachers tell us that kids love KidzLife so much, they often leave us “kicking and screaming!”